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Custom Parking Permit Hang Tags

A custom parking permit hang tag is a type of identification tag that allows people to park their vehicles in designated areas. The tags typically feature the name, address and contact information for the driver or vehicle owner, as well as any necessary restrictions or regulations regarding where they can park. Custom parking permit hang tags are frequently used by businesses, universities and other organizations to control access to certain areas.

They provide an easy way to monitor who is allowed into specific spaces without having to rely on physical security measures such as guards or gates. Hang tags may also be used by municipalities and government agencies to designate parking spots reserved for special occasions like parades and festivals.

Custom parking permit hang tags help businesses and organizations keep their parking lots secure and organized. These tags can be customized with company logos, colors, or designs to give vehicles a professional look while also providing an extra layer of security. With custom hang tags, businesses can easily identify which cars belong in their lot without having to worry about unauthorized vehicles entering the area.

This not only helps maintain order but also prevents theft or vandalism from occurring in the premises.

Custom Parking Permit Hang Tags made from durable polystyrene plastic


Q: What Materials are Custom Parking Permit Hang Tags Made from

Custom parking permit hang tags are usually made from a combination of durable plastic and metal materials. The most popular materials used to make them include PVC, polyester, Kydex, nylon and aluminum. These materials offer the necessary strength and durability needed for long-term use in outdoor environments as well as being lightweight enough to reduce weight on your car.

They also provide good visibility due to their bright colors which makes it easier for drivers to locate their tag quickly when they’re entering or exiting a parking lot. Additionally, these custom parking permit hang tags can be customized with various designs and logos according to individual preferences.

Q: How Can I Customize My Own Parking Permit Hang Tag

Customizing your own parking permit hang tag is an easy and affordable way to ensure that your vehicle is parked in the right spot. You can customize a parking permit hang tag with any kind of design or logo that you want, whether it’s for business or personal use. You’ll need to purchase blank tags from an online store like Amazon or a local supplier and then use either printable adhesive labels or permanent markers to create the design you’re looking for.

If you have access to vinyl cutting machines, you can also cut out shapes and letters directly onto the tags. Once complete, simply attach them using string, tape, zip ties, carabiners and other hardware as needed. This will allow you to easily identify your vehicle quickly when entering and exiting any lot where permits are required.

We Offer an Online Design Tool to Help You Create the Perfect Tag for Your Company Or Organization

Our online design tool is perfect for creating a professional and eye-catching tag for your company or organization. With our user-friendly interface, you can customize the text on your tag according to specific criteria such as font size and type, background color, placement of logo, etc. In addition to that, we also offer additional features such as uploading images or clipart from our library to make your tag even more unique.

We guarantee an easy navigation experience with no complicated coding required so you can create the perfect tag in no time!

Q: Do I Need to Purchase Any Additional Hardware for My Custom Parking Permit Hang Tags

A: Depending on the type of hang tag you are purchasing, you may need to purchase additional hardware. If your hang tags require lanyards or straps, those will need to be purchased separately. You may also need additional fasteners such as string ties or plastic clips to secure the tag onto a vehicle’s rearview mirror.

Additionally, if you plan on using self-adhesive hang tags that stick directly onto a vehicle’s windshield, then you’ll need to make sure that the adhesive backing is appropriate for your climate and compatible with automobile glass surfaces.

Custom Parking Permit Hang Tags


Parking Permit Hang Tags Blank

Parking permit hang tags blank are an ideal solution for businesses, schools and other organizations that need to manage their parking lots. These tags provide a cost-effective way to identify vehicles and ensure the safety of those who park in designated areas. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors so you can easily find ones that match your brand or organizational needs.

Plus, they are easy to install on any vehicle windshield with included adhesive backing. With these hang tags blank you can control access to only authorized personnel without worrying about extra costs associated with printing or other services.

Cheap Parking Hang Tags

If you are looking to add a touch of convenience and security to your parking lot, cheap parking hang tags may be the perfect solution. Hang tags provide an easy way for people to identify registered vehicles in your parking area, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access. They can also help reduce theft as they serve as a visible reminder of who belongs in the lot.

Additionally, hang tags are affordable and come in many different colors and sizes so you can customize them according to your needs.

Parking Hang Tags Staples

Parking hang tags from Staples are an ideal solution for businesses, schools and other organizations that need to manage their parking lots. They provide a professional and convenient way to easily identify vehicles in the lot, allowing for quick access of cars or trucks when needed. The hang tags can be customized with your logo or information so that they match your branding and work as part of your security system.

With easy installation options, these tags make it simple to keep track of who is authorized to park on site.


In conclusion, custom parking permit hang tags are a great way to easily identify and track your car in any type of lot or facility. Not only do they provide a more efficient way to manage parking permits but also add an extra layer of security for both the business and their customers. With their range of customization options, businesses can create personalized hang tags that are sure to stand out from the crowd.


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